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Sarah Connor Chronicles meet Arrow

Am I woman or a teenage boy? Excited about the return of the comic series Arrow to the TV last night, paused the credits to check I had read correctly Summer Glau was to be a guest star in the first episode.

Mr Tara Plumbing has never heard of her whereas (just like the guys in the one-off episode of the Big Bang Theory) to me she is a Terminator – I was really excited.

When the 4 hoods burst in to the conference room guns firing I imagined her saying:

“Come with me if you want to live.”

Oliver Queen would be no match Cameron – what an exciting show that would be – I expect she would be programmed to be on his side.  After all the new Oliver is much like the young John Connor.  I enjoyed the similarity of the new no-death mission in Arrow and the 0 fatalities of big shoot out in Terminator 2.

But of course most grown-ups won’t know what I’m talking about including Mr Tara Plumbing, he would rather watch men running around fields with a ball every night.  I don’t get that.  Once you’ve seen one football match why would you want to watch another?

I don’t watch a lot of TV but when I do I want to be exciting and totally different from real life and with a big dash of humour.

Speaking of which, here is some fun, a parody called Felicity’s Bagels Ep !.

Under the dome. 6 episodes would have been enough

Mr Tara Plumbing and I have been watching this series. Like so many it left us wanting to know more so we have tuned in week after week.
Had I have known if was going to be 13 episodes I would never have bothered, that is a huge commitment to something so far fetched and totally lacking in humour. Some marriages don’t last that long!
And they really are dragging it out to make it last so many weeks.
We have done 6 weeks and if it could have ended there then we would say we enjoyed it.
But not excited to know we are less than half way through.
By contrast 13 weeks of Arrow double bill has ended and I just wish there was more. Thank goodness another series is due. Mystery, excitement. Comic strip style and great humour. This series got better the more we watched it.

Would you let your 10 or 11 year old watch Troy or “300” films, both certificate 15?

Mr TP and I watched both these films with our eldest son, he was just 10 when he saw Troy and almost 11 when we all watch 300.  I would not describe them as general “family” entertainment, but we discussed these films in great detail in terms of history and the mythology around the events ( more on this later).

I do not generally let him watch “old” films.  These films had these rating because of the violence but that violence was key to the story.  Young people of his age throughout history and across the word have often been exposed to great violence – we are just lucky that we are so peaceful and safe in the here and now.

We watched the films as part of a bigger educational experience.  It all started when my son and I both read the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordon:

We were inspired to learn more about Greek mythology and the ancient world in which it flourished.

We attended talks by Nigel Spivey (expert on Ancient Olympics)

We visited the British Museum.

We watched TV documentaries by Bettany Hughes (some available to watch on line):

Troy is loosely based on the Iliad by Homer but the story is changed significantly (see: .   The war should last 10 years and people who survive in the Homer story die in this one and the ending is wrong… details!  I’ve had a copy of the Iliad on my bookshelves for 20+ years but never managed to read it.  I now have it on audiobook too and have enjoyed listening to it.

Watching the film was educational – most will never read the Iliad  so the film introduces us to characters that really did exist and events that did happen.  I’m no expert but  there are many grains of truth in the film, as well as a lot of fiction.   For example, it shows two armies lined up to fight but the kings agree to settle the battle by  just the two best warriors fighting – from what I have read this seems to have been common practice – what a good idea!

I didn’t know about Leonidas and the battle of Thermopylae  before our recent trip to Greece but there were monuments to the man everywhere – statues, street names, who is this guy?  When I told a local that I was going to see Marathon, the site of the famous battle (which took place 10 years earlier), they thought not of Marathon but Thermopylae and told me I was going the wrong way.

Personally, how can I not like the film, hundreds of scantily clad muscle-men on the screen for almost 2 hours!  I thought the film was very accurate in how it showed the Spartan and Greeks.  This battle still has major consequences today – the Persians destroyed every temple standing in Greece at that time – all that we see as tourists today on the Acropolis, at Delphi, etc.  was built by the Greeks after they subsequently defeated the Persians and rebuilt it all.  Amazingly it was all constructed at the same time in a few years.  Wow what a building, programme.

Now there are critics of the 300 film who make many valid points – you can’t just watch it as historical fact.  One point is the very inaccurate portrait of the Persians – now, much as I do agree with those critics I do think the film was from the Spartan point of view – the Spartans may have seen the invaders to be strange, exotic, monstrous, as  in the film.

Here is one of the many online pages worth reading if you are interested in the facts behind 300:

The Angry Plumber on Silent Witness

We always look forward to watching Silent Witness on TV and am really impressed with the new characters in the new series.

This weeks story bought a big smile to our faces, though – the tale of the angry plumber.  I thought he was totally convincing.   Looked like he walked straight off the cover of Gas Engineer – our exciting monthly mag!

Are Tara Plumbing a Naturist Family of Ramsgate after all?

After watching My Naked Teenage Daughter on Channel 4, last night, I was in a lot of agreement with the naked people and discovered I might even be a naturist myself – and I didn’t even realise it!

Don’t get the wrong idea, it is very rare that Mr TP and I host naked cake cooking and tea drinking sessions and I would not dream of doing nude sun-bathing but I am quite happy in my skin and will often go naked about my house – when appropriate.

There was a discussion about a young child seeing naked adults and I was very much in agreement with the comments that children should be bought up to think of the naked body as normal – not something to be embarrassed about.

A few other points were made on the programme:

Does naked = sexy.  Quite obviously it can do, but people often look more sexy with clothes on. That seems obvious to me.

Should we be concerned about PERVERTS looking at naked naturists in a sexual way? I don’t think so. I think most of us (me included) look at other people in a sexual way at times – if we find them attractive. And most often that is when they have got clothes on.

If “perverts” want to look at naked people there is plenty of places for them to satisfy their desires – our media and the net is full of nudity.

One more thought. If only I had met a local photographer of naked women when I was younger, slimmer and so on, with the benefit of hindsight, I would recommend seizing the opportunity to capture images of naked beauty.

Why Would Anyone Need a Car Seat in a Bag or Rucksack? As on the Apprentice.

I first saw this car booster-seat in-a-bag product, last year on Something for the Weekend and I thought it looked brilliant, incredibly useful.  One of the apprentices couldn’t understand why you would want to carry a car seat with you so here is an expanation:

  • This is a booster seat for ages 4+.
  • Booster seats are used by children  until about 10 or 11 years of age depending on their size.
  • Children do not always travel in the same car!
  • Children travel with friends, on coaches, go on day trips with granny…etc.
  • this is not just a booster seat with carry straps, it is hollow so it can be used as a small bag for sandwiches, camera, mobile phone or what ever it is that the modern 6-year-old will need!

Normal car booster seats are not really portable or easy to carry.  I think the initial confusion on the Apprentise may have been that they thought of baby car seat rather than school aged children.

What to know more about the BoostApak?–back-pack-or-kids-rucksack-a216249

As soon as I saw it i could see how useful it would be and I would imagine most children having one within a few years.  It is bought to the world by the same team who pioneered the Trunki which was not well received in Dragons Den.  Trunki is the suitcase that you can sit on and ride.  Iwas instantly impressed by this too (infact i want one for grown-ups).  Trunki is doing amazingly well with online sales, sales through John Lewis and recently launched in the US.  Yes I was so impressed I subscribed to their online news letter!

The Margate Exodus

Filmed in Margate in 2006, will be shown on Channel 4, Monday 19th Nov. 9pm.

 This art film was Produced by Artangel, details here:

Mr Tara Plumbing and I have been on the Artangel mailing list since 2004 when we went to see

Die Familie Schneider in London

Two east London Terraced houses had been made to look identical, and room were divided in to smaller rooms.  This is what Schneider is known for.  Visitors had to explore each house individually, by appointment only.  The atmosphere inside the houses was oppressive, creepy, scary, sinister – you just need to experience it.    In each house there were people – also looking identical – women washing up at the sinks; men masterbating in the showers; and some weird stuff going on in the bedroom. It was an experience I shall never forget.

If you happen to be in Australia within the next week or so, there is a Schneider creation on Bondi Beach.

Touch Me – I’m Karen Taylor

I committed the name of this funny lady to memory when I saw her in 1999, she was an unknown, doing 5 minute standup slots for no pay (she was also incredibly sexy and flirtatious – perhaps that’s why I remember her – see pic at bottom).  I’ve seen hundreds of ‘new’ acts and remember the names of very few.  I do remember Jimmy Carr from those days, too. He also stood out from the rest, from the start.

It was quite by chance that I found this TV programme whilst searching the BBC website for something else. 8 years later, here she is appearing on plasma screens across the UK. 

 I have only seen one episode, it did not disappoint. Her comedy is funny, clever, original and up to date (I was thinking ‘contemporary’ but that word triggers sensitive reactions in East Kent).  I would highly recommend anyone with a sense of humour to see the repeat on Saturday – BBC3 or episode 5of 6 Monday BBC3 (10/10.30pm).

If you need or want to know more about Karen Taylor:

Or this:

K T 2002

To be honest, not all reviews are good, I came across this:

“Several sketches fall back on cheap sex/toilet humour.”
But that’s what makes Mrs Tara Plumbing laugh!

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