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What are Toilets Like in China?

Two of my nieces have recently been working in China and they loved it but if I were ever tempted to go I will have to re-read the review of public Chinese toilets by Richard Milnes.
As you would expect, they can be basic but I am not sure I want my toilet experience to be quite so communal.

I do have three children so I am quite used to an audience whilst I poo but, when sober, I draw the line at close family members.


The Public Toilets are Closed Again at Ramsgate Beach!

There was some attempt to close them last summer but fortunately they were reopenned. This half term on our day at the beach I did not DARE to support the cafe with a purchase of their finest coffee, because these days I just can’t do that sort of thing unless there is a convenient loo handy.

Don’t worry the main toilet block is open, but if you go along the Main Sands, eastward, towards the car park and Broadstairs then there is a small set of toilets with a cafe and shop which is perfectly located to serve families on the beach.

If Ramsgate & Thanet are all about Tourism and supporting local businesses the public toilets must be open.  I was told there was a problem with the roof.  How difficult can it be to get it repaired?

More than a Modern Toilet, the Kohler Numi Seems to Think for Itself!

Want a new loo which is thoroughly modern with all the latest gadgets and features?  Well we could fit a smart toilet, there are quite a few to choice from but the latest, the Numi, will set you back something like £4,000 and no, that doesn’t include refurbishing the rest of your clockroom.

Kohlar is an American company which has just bought out the Numi, here is the salesman doing his pitch:

Similar smart toilets like this have been around a long time and I first saw one about 20 years ago, which was imported from Japan, that would wash and dry ones bum among other things.

The Problem with a Toilet Being Too Smart for Its Own Good!

These days we like things which have motion detectors so that we don’t have to touch anything.  Only the other day I was speaking to someone about smart toilets and she told me that as she didn’t sit on the seat she found that it was continuously flushing as it thought she had finished.  They are only toilets, they aren’t clever enough to realise not all people use the loo in the same way and some people like to squat above them.

What are the Toilets Like at Margate’s Turner Contemporary Art Gallery!

There was a lot of things I liked about the gallery especially the work exhibits by artists  Conrad Shawcross and by Ellen Henry, the spectacular view as you leave the building and the Cafe area.  The toilets, however, leave a lot to be desired.  You can read many reviews of the gallery and the opening exhibition so i thought I’d focus on something different.

If I had visited the Gallery with Mr Tara Plumbing we would have discussed the quality of the fixtures and fittings and whether everything was level. As I visited it with my children I didn’t really have the time to look at the finer details just the big picture.   The space given over to toilet habits is too small.  I didn’t count how many cubicles were in the ladies, perhaps four, but the cramped area outside of the cubicles leaves no space for people passing.  How impractical in what is expected to be a very busy space if the projected visitor numbers are accurate.  With so few toilets there can easily be a queue and with little children it was difficult to move.  In fact, after doing the toilet thing it was so cramped and noisy I did not even wash my hands!  I thought I had some sanitising hand gel on my person but instead I went into the baby changing room to attend to hygiene needs.

It was hard enough with little children, how is an adult to use the toilets if they are carry a baby in some sort of baby carry contraption or in a pushchair?  You could not reasonably get a buggy in there so there would be no alternative but to join the queue for the one and only loo for disabled people.  I did not look in there but it must be big enough.  There is a baby changing room, as I said, what a shame they did not put a toilet or two in there to make it a family room.  Or simply give over just a little bit more space to the toilets to make adequate public facilities.


Toilets aside there was one other feature of the building which I feel compelled to mention, going up to the first floor.  There was a fantastic lift which is great for wheelchair users and pram pushers, can take up to 100 people, but the stairs were narrow and steep, almost as narrow as a domestic stair case.  What were they thinking?  That the public are getting so fat and lazy that very few will ever use the stairs? I am not sure if there is a secret staircase behind a fire door because I can not believe this one stair case would be suitable for rapid evacuation.

There are lots of things to like about the Art Gallery.  The galleries are nice spaces, the sea views are lovely.  The view over Margate as you leave was very well planned and the outside space for beverage consumption reminds me of London’s Southbank, which is good for me but not everyone’s cup of tea.

The gallery is small.  It is a gallery for Kent and would not have a wider catchment area.  I will be totally amazed if I hear of visitors travelling from the greater London area or anywhere beyond Kent specifically and only because of this gallery.

Just adding some photos of the gents from Michael Child.  When we went we took our camera but it had no memory disc in it!  Anyone wanting to see all there is to see except the ladies toilets should click on the links from Michael’s blog, Thanet on Line, about the Turner Gallery.

Michael has also taken photo’s of all the works of Art along Ramsgate’s Wall.  This is another free exhibition! To view you just need to visit the Main Sands.


What will the toilets be like?

A common concern when travelling abroad so all credit to those travel writters who think to tell us the stuff we really need to know when travelling.  Here is one about toilets on a train:

Any more toilet review articles out there? Please send your links to me: or leve a comment with link on this blog. 

All the sun beds will have towels on them by 7 am, and drinks in Hotels are expensive, well that all goes without saying, I don’t need to read tripadvisor to find out the obvious!

Women Can’t be Plumbers! At least not when they get older…

When Mr TP get home he normally runs straight to the toilet.  You would think he sees enough of them all day without needing to check on ours.  Sometimes he pops in in the middle of the day, as well, for the same reason. 

And that reason is…

“You can’t fit a nice new toilet in a nice new bathroom and then fully test it!”  Mr TP thinks it should be the customer who gets first use out of their own loo.

That’s all very well for those who are are able to hold on a schedule their convenience breaks.

I Have Not Got The Bladder For It

These days the need to go will come up on me and then thats it.  It is all very sudden and I have to respond to the urge.  This is new to me, its just been the last couple of years, since I had the twins.  Speak to other women of my age and I they have the same problem.

Possible Solutions?

It is not for lack of pelvic floor exercises. I have been doing these regularly since I used to share an office with an incontinence nurse adviser, some 15 years ago. I have never tried it but I always like to imagine that I too could have done some of those infamous tricks with ping pong balls!

One thing that might make a difference is if I stopped drinking coffee which is well known as a diuretic. But I need my pleasures in life! And anyway, I’m not about to go out and be a plumber.

Men are Just as Bad

Actually, while we are on the subject it is all very well for Mr TP to be proud of his self control, however, when we have had men working in our house they seem to wear a path in the floor on route to the loo. Again, my fault for offering too many cups of tea. In fact, one of Mr TP’s work colleagues knocked on my door the other day just to use the loo as he was passing.

No problem, I made him a cup of tea as well!

Toilet Humour

I find that people largely divide into 2 groups:

  1. those who like to discuss toilet behaviour and laugh at related jokes
  2. and those who avoid baked beans because they do not like to fart.

I love baked beans & in our house there is a lot of hot air! Sometimes I think that Mr Tara Plumbing is actually trying to kill his family with something smelly and toxic… Another story…

Anyway, I do rather enjoy contemporary art and I have seen more than one toilet/urinal featuring in some exhibition or other.  I’m pleased to see others share my passion: see Eastcliff Richard’s blog

And here is a picture of a toilet from my own private collection of such images.  This toilet was not installed by Tara and is not a local Thanet loo.

Tara Plumbers in Ramsgate, Broadstairs & Margate

Tara Plumbers in Ramsgate, Broadstairs & Margate

Yes, I admit I make, down load and distribute images of toilets (whilst not in use).

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