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Films of Pirates & Treasure Island

I vaguely recall reading it as the class book when I was 11 years old but could really remember nothing of the story.

Then just watched the New 2 part TV film of it.  WOW it was gripping, exciting, twisty turny, unpredictable.  What a good story and what a great film of it – even if it doesn’ t sound like your sort of thing give it a go it you have the time.

In my mind I am mixing it up with Pirates of the Caribbean. Oldest son got the lego game at Christmas, which I have enjoyed playing with him. AND he also got the 4 DVDs. Now, I really didn’t get time to sit and watch all four films but I have seen the first and the last and snippets of the others.  So now all that pirate stuff is jumbled up in my head – with the rest of the rubbish!


Where Did I Hide Mr Tara Plumbing’s Xmas Pressy?

I got him a great gift – one of those things that he would never think about buying but will give him many hours of enjoyment.
It was also great cos it cost about £2!
But it is really tiny and I hid it somewhere and I can’t remember where?
I’ve been searching for a couple of weeks now…
And I think I just may never see it again.
I can get another – from ebay- but, of course, not in time for xmas.

Any one else have the same problem?
I’ll tell you what it is after I have managed to give him one….!

We’re Selling a Pile of Old Junk on Ebay if You want Some!

Dress it up in fancy terms if you like. Antique, salvaged, preloved, retro, vintage…
Do you know there is a reason they don’t still make those old 1970s-80s toys & games: because modern stuff is better.

If that old vintage/retro/ modern-antique game or toy of nostalia was all that good some company would still be making it and selling it new on Amazon & in Smyths for a nice profit.

Fortunately for me, sitting in my home surrounded by a pile of old junk, there are people out there with more money than sense! And with fond memories of childhood xmases. They are monitoring their WATCH LISTS and calculating their max bids. Fine for the over 40s but I hope they don’t expect to impress any young people with this stuff. Because it really is unimpressive by modern standards.
(I am guilty though – Later I will tell you what old games I remember)

Who wants a 1990s Nintendo Game Boy when you can have a 2011 Nintendo 3DS, infact even an old obsolite DS of 5 years ago is better than the Game Boy.
I loved tetris too but you can get it in modern formats…

My own childhood & teenage years memories are filled with the extended family sitting and playing the card game cheat. All you need are lots of people and two packs of cards (no good with a small number). Also Great Game Of Britain. A brilliant fun board game – which I believe is still in production – therefore – proves my point.

I was in Hackney & my boyfriend was one of the first arrested at the riot!

I was at the Poll Tax demo outside Hackney Town Hall in the late 1980s.  I went with 2 friends but lost them in the crowd almost as soon as we got there.  After a little while I walked back home which took about 10 minutes.

When I turned on the TV news, I was amazed to see rioting because all was very calm when I was there – less than an hour earlier.   I wondered what happened to my boyfriend and really worried as the night went on.  We didn’t have phones, no mobile and no landline, back in those days.

I can’t remember how I found out that those arrested were appearing at Shoreditch majestrates court the next day.  I was there to find out if my boyfriend had been arrested, I still did not know.  I sat in the public gallery and watched loads of people appear before the court and I have to say, they had my simpathy.  There were no charges of looting, assault or criminal damage, people were charged with swearing & spitting.  They pleaded guilty and were given unbelieveable draconian sentences.

Eventually my boyfriend appeared – last because he pleaded not guilty to the charge of swearing!  And believe me when I heard what he was charged with I could have laughed – we are none of us perfect but there is no way he would have said those things.  I saw with my own eyes words put in someones mouth!

When we got together later I asked what had happened, as I said he disappeared as soon as we arrived – well he was arrested straight away.  He was just grabbed by police and taken, so fast I did not even see it.  He had no idea why. He didn’t know there had been a riot either.

So the title of this thread was an  attention grabbing lie! Both my boyfriend (of the time) and I were off the streets.

Is there any comparison between Riots of  2011 and those of the 1980s?

I was still at school (in Worcester) when the historical 1980s riots took place in London, Birmingham and Bristol.  I don’t know.

Today I’m not really surprised if people attack a bank or a MNC like MacDonalds.   I seem to remember in the Poll Tax riots in Hackney all the individual, independant shops were not attacked and there was a political agenda to the political damage.  You don’t have to agree with the actions to understand the reasons.

I’m sure looters turned  opportunist criminals always do.

Like most people, I was shocked and horrified by what I saw the past few days on TV.  Shocked by the violence and the young age of the mob.  I was shocked to see small businesses, homes and innocent bystanders attacked and robbed.

I don’t see any political agenda.  I see lots of people, especially young people behaving like animals. 

I can’t understand why they were allowed to run arround until they disperse.  Why weren’t they all rounded up?  Simply being there running around in a group contributed the the bigger riot in my opinion. 

Like that film when Jodie Foster’s character was raped and the guys who watched were sentenced as being a part of it.

Yesterday many teenage rioters were interviewed on radio and TV. One young woman said that the destruction was FUN and it was OK because shop owners are rich.

What About The Parents of the teenage rioters?

So many shop workers will have lost their jobs over night  – the ongoing fall out for ordinarry families is terrible.

I suggest that the parents of those children who were under 16 and on the streets should take some responsibility – what about they give up their jobs so that the people made unexpectedly unemployed can take them?

Thankfully we didn’t get that sort of trouble in Thanet….

Family went to Broadstairs Folk Week today

The children and I were at the bandstand for the morning family show and to see Clarence the friendly dragon who lives by the sea and likes eating money… I’ve heard that song just a few too many times over the years. No Old Troat Band this year.  Sorry can’t remember the name of the new team who are providing music for the 11am show at Bandstand.

We ended up being in Broadstairs until after 4 so it was nice to see the trade stalls doing well.  There was brisk business at the umberalla and shower proof poncho stall and I must say they had a fine sellection for all the family.  Ironically the sun hat stall was almost opposite and received very little attention but that may change as the week goes on.

Mel’s Broadstairs Smoothie Shack is still there, open until late through the summer and offering a bigger than ever range of snacks – how from such small premises?  Anyway – alcoholic smoothies are also on the menu – must try them when not with kids. The smoothies are to be found in the passageway next to the cinema and next to Tatters.  Older son disappeared into Tatters, the shop next door.  He was in there so long I thought he must have found a secret exit out the back into the world o Narnia.  He may as well because it was when he came out of there it turned so cold that the Ice Queen Witch could well have been on her way.

I keep telling my husband Size IS important

and you would expect him to know this.  Week in week out he measures bathrooms and tells people what size shower tray they can have, how many fitted cupboards, if they should be looking at a bijou range of sanitary-wear and whether a bidet could fit.

OK that bit is a lie – the requests for bidets are very few.

The point I am trying to make is he measures the space and finds out what will fit in.

Same standards and methods do not appply at home.  So you can get your plumbing problems resolved within 7 earth days. In our house within 2 days prompt! That is 2 days according to the rotation of Venus (which equals 243 earth days , in case you didn’t know).

And where am I going with this?

Well recently Mr TP bought a small electrical appliance. Small,” it looked small in the online photo,” he says.  He didn’t click on the link which would take you to product specification, just the link which said buy now £40. We now have one which is far too big and in his excitement when it arrived he threw away the box so we can’t return it!  I’ll be putting it on ebay and he has handed me the task of finding a more suitable replacement.

Men! I keep telling them, size is everything!

To the Beach for High Tide in Ramsgate

It looks like we are about to get some good beach weather and some very high tides.

When is High tide in Thanet?

High tide today in Ramsgate will be just after 11am and it is about half hour later each day.

This weekend it will be 5 metres.  I hope to be at the beach with the children before then because it is interesting to see it come in and then go out again.  Beats watching the washing machine cycle!

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