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Should Mrs Tara Plumbing ask Santa for Bigger Breasts?

Today Mr TP sent me a txt to make sure I had heard the news about the cancer health scare related to some silicon implants.
To add that he is perfectly happy with my little ones!
Reminds me of Jim Royale saying he’d love to get Barbara an enhancement for Christmas!
I often wonder if those who have sculpted the shape of the artificial implants were inspired by Henry Matisse. When I first became familiar with his 1910 painting Dance ( see it here: I was struck by the fact that the boobs were the wrong shape and in the wrong place.
Younger people who have grown up with the very modern image of women’s figures might not even know what I’m talking about!

Coffee & sex anyone? Condiments & Costa for me!

I’ll go to Costa, not Starbucks, and only with men who use condiments.  Most striking news of the day is that some coffee shops deliver far more caffeine in their beverages.  Perhaps that might also correspond with why some taste so much nicer and Starbucks is just undrinkable, in my opinion!

More news this week about HIV. When I was a youngster in the 1980s and 1990s there was lots of information about HIV and I think most adults has some idea of the risks. Nowadays it is rarely in the news so you might think there is some cure or vaccine but there is not.

You might be surprised to know

  • the number of people in the UK with HIV is around 90,000 and that is about 20,000 more than just 5 years ago.
  • In 2010 there were 5,627 new HIV diagnoses in England alone (not the whole UK) of which almost half was passed via heterosexual sex.
  • Finally about a quarter of people who are HIV positive do not even know that they are.

A few days ago there was news that it is better to find out sooner rather than later that you are HIV + because there is medicine which may help you live a longer and healthier life.
Today the new is about healthcare workers with HIV.


I was in Hackney & my boyfriend was one of the first arrested at the riot!

I was at the Poll Tax demo outside Hackney Town Hall in the late 1980s.  I went with 2 friends but lost them in the crowd almost as soon as we got there.  After a little while I walked back home which took about 10 minutes.

When I turned on the TV news, I was amazed to see rioting because all was very calm when I was there – less than an hour earlier.   I wondered what happened to my boyfriend and really worried as the night went on.  We didn’t have phones, no mobile and no landline, back in those days.

I can’t remember how I found out that those arrested were appearing at Shoreditch majestrates court the next day.  I was there to find out if my boyfriend had been arrested, I still did not know.  I sat in the public gallery and watched loads of people appear before the court and I have to say, they had my simpathy.  There were no charges of looting, assault or criminal damage, people were charged with swearing & spitting.  They pleaded guilty and were given unbelieveable draconian sentences.

Eventually my boyfriend appeared – last because he pleaded not guilty to the charge of swearing!  And believe me when I heard what he was charged with I could have laughed – we are none of us perfect but there is no way he would have said those things.  I saw with my own eyes words put in someones mouth!

When we got together later I asked what had happened, as I said he disappeared as soon as we arrived – well he was arrested straight away.  He was just grabbed by police and taken, so fast I did not even see it.  He had no idea why. He didn’t know there had been a riot either.

So the title of this thread was an  attention grabbing lie! Both my boyfriend (of the time) and I were off the streets.

Is there any comparison between Riots of  2011 and those of the 1980s?

I was still at school (in Worcester) when the historical 1980s riots took place in London, Birmingham and Bristol.  I don’t know.

Today I’m not really surprised if people attack a bank or a MNC like MacDonalds.   I seem to remember in the Poll Tax riots in Hackney all the individual, independant shops were not attacked and there was a political agenda to the political damage.  You don’t have to agree with the actions to understand the reasons.

I’m sure looters turned  opportunist criminals always do.

Like most people, I was shocked and horrified by what I saw the past few days on TV.  Shocked by the violence and the young age of the mob.  I was shocked to see small businesses, homes and innocent bystanders attacked and robbed.

I don’t see any political agenda.  I see lots of people, especially young people behaving like animals. 

I can’t understand why they were allowed to run arround until they disperse.  Why weren’t they all rounded up?  Simply being there running around in a group contributed the the bigger riot in my opinion. 

Like that film when Jodie Foster’s character was raped and the guys who watched were sentenced as being a part of it.

Yesterday many teenage rioters were interviewed on radio and TV. One young woman said that the destruction was FUN and it was OK because shop owners are rich.

What About The Parents of the teenage rioters?

So many shop workers will have lost their jobs over night  – the ongoing fall out for ordinarry families is terrible.

I suggest that the parents of those children who were under 16 and on the streets should take some responsibility – what about they give up their jobs so that the people made unexpectedly unemployed can take them?

Thankfully we didn’t get that sort of trouble in Thanet….

Royal Wedding Unique Collectible Memorabilia

Looking for something a little different, unusual, funny and highly collectible? A limited print run of these posters are being sold and signed by the artist… who also happens to be a good friend of mine, Chris Steele MA (RCA), 
a ‘knockout’ screenprint based on boxing posters of old.
Be the first to show your support of with this unique work of art, designed by iDLEHANDS and printed by hand in Great Britain.
’The Main Event’ poster is 50 x40cm and hand printed the old fashioned  way.                                      £25.00 inc FREE P&P. 
unique collectible royal wedding poster

unique collectible royal wedding poster

I just noticed their website is being revamped: but you can direct enquiries via email: 

Interview with Chris about the post is here:

What is Happening in Japan?

Like most people, Mr TP and I have been following the crisis in Japan from the comfort and safety of our own home.  Our hearts & thoughts go out to the people there.

I found this simple graphic from BBC which explains what is going on at the nuclear power plant, the order of events, the explosions, the melt down,

Hard to imagine what this all means, today I  heard news reporters saying they had moved further from the reactors, they were 100 km away but have now moved to 150km away.  That sounds serious.

The capital, Tokyo (population 12 million+),  is little more than 200km away.  200km is 125 miles, by the way.

People (foreigners) are being advised to leave north Japan and the area around the nuclear plant, here is a scary account of someone doing  just that which really gives you an idea of the danagers.  + This is only if you have enough fuel in your car!

My conclusions:

We are a highly technological world but look how danagerous nuclear power is, is it wise to rely to heavily on it and to build these power stations “near” to massive cities? 

Japan is used to Tsunamis and massive Earth quakes and builds in anticipation of those things…

What is going to happen to Japan? It is quite small but has a population of 120+ million, that is a lot of refugees!

Petition: Friends of the Earth have set up a petition about nuclear power and our governement are reviewing its safety

Sexist view, Sexist comments & Sexism in Football

Mr Tara Plumbing was so angry yesterday after listening to the coverage on the radio of the saga of the sexist comment and the Sky Sports presenters.  Why are private conversations being secretly recorded and then broadcast to the nation.

This is the sort of thing that Mr TP and I often talk about, taking a sideways look at the subjects in the news and asking why are those issues there anyway.  We both think that lots of media coverage seems to be given to things that aren’t even news.  And while this is going on someone’s life is being made a misery… a good example is that comedian who recently gave up his TV presenting job after it came out that he had been engaging in adult behaviour with ladies when on tour away from his wife… via the computer.  A sad story for that family but I do not know why it would be in the public interest for us to all know about it, so I have not repeated his name.

So back to Sky Sports presents.  Mr TP told me what they had said and it sounded like the sort of thing many people, men and women might say, as a joke in light hearted banter… along the lines of women don’t know the football rules…

When I heard the recording, however, on the news later that night it did not sound as if it was light-hearted, harmless, banter.

It was the tone of the voices and the structure of the sentences that made it sound as if these anti-women in football comments were spat with venom from a snake.  What a couple of unpleasant men.

Men might not know what I’m talking about because I think you do talk differently among yourselves when women are not around, so perhaps to your ears it all sounded fine.

Back to the dilemma, private conversation, secretly recorded…. The question is are these men fit to do their jobs, I’m not sure and I don’t care as a I don’t watch football!

I have just about 0 interest in football.  I don’t know the off-side rule or any of the other rules….

Answers on a postcard please…

Actually it is important, in the same way as my recent posts on lesbian and gay equality or extended paternity leave are important.

Lesbian & Gay Clients & Customers Welcome Here!

I am pleased with the verdict which found in a test case that a Guesthouse or B&B cannot turn away lesbian or gay couples in line with The Sexual Orientation Regulations 2007 (now consolidated in the Equality Act 2010).

Thank goodness in my lifetime society has changed so much that such prejudice is now unacceptable and against the law.  In the same way as it would be illegal to discriminate against people because of religion or the colour of their skin.

In this case the hotieliers, Peter and Hazelmary Bull, claimed a religious conviction behind their policy of only married couples sharing a room and refused to accept Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy’s (the gay couple) civil partnership as equal to marriage.  I have a number of G&L friends who are very religious and might choose to stay in a Christian B&B and I know a good many religious people who are not so bigoted and narrow minded, thank goodness.  Homophobia, like racism, is just so irational.

Personally, I think the only good thing about B&B owners or other business proprietors being able to express their opinions is that I could then choose to take my custom else where.  Mr Tara Plumbing has a good number of lesbian & gay customers and is happy to meet all of their plumbing and heating requirements. 

BTW, Mr TP and i do not agree on many things such as the correct temperature for our bedroom at night and whether football is something worthy of watching on TV! But on this we do agree.

Press release Stonewall

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