Vegan Food in Athens and Mainland Greece

My eldest son and I have just returned from a tour of Greece, well, just a bit of it, we can’t wait to go back and see more.

I know some people think vegetarians will starve in Greece, it has reputation for not serving veggie food.  Not true.  We had some OK meals and some delicious feasts whilst there.  I would love to recommend a few places.

Vegetarian Food in Athens

Some fantastic food is to be had in the Acropolis museum.  There is a wonderful view and the cafe is beyond the entry barrier.  I had a lovely vegan meal of beans and greens here.

Almost all cafes do stuffed peppers and/or stuffed tomatoes, we had some lovely veggies at “God’s Restaurant” along the cafe strip as you go towards Acropolis and its museum.

I must also recommend “Avocado” a specifically veg*n cafe open 8.30am-7pm.  It is about 15-20 mins walk from Acropolis museum or the Temple of Zeus. 5 mins walk from  Syntagma  & the Parliament building.  It is very expensive, as you can expect from capital city location, but the food was worth it.

The website is

The staff suggested I try a “raw” cake which I would not have thought to choose, the flavour was amazing, but it was too much!

Vegan Food when visiting Ancient Olympia in Greece

I must mention the restaurant at the Best Western Europa Hotel, there was a great choice of vegan food on the menu, different meals to what we had anywhere else and the quality was excellent.  Dinner was from 7.30 pm and I think dinner for 2 would typically be around £25-30 ish.

Some Vean Food Photo’s from Greece!

The top picture is a plate of Spiros’ olives at Mycenea (Mycenea is one of the most amazing places in the world).

Next, my pudding at Avocado’s.

Finally, my dinner at the Acropolis museum.

mum iphone 29th april 2013 367 mum iphone 29th april 2013 353 mum iphone 29th april 2013 344

And here are more photos.

The menu at Avacado.

A Lemon tree at Olympia – with black rain cloud approaching.

And a beautiful sunset at the southern tip of Attica, as seen from the Aegean Beach Hotel.

mum iphone 29th april 2013 352 mum iphone 29th april 2013 372 mum iphone 29th april 2013 406

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