How fragile is Equality? Could we get a homophobic Prime Minister in 2016?

At a time when our country is divided, this week David Cameron specifically mentioned increased steps to tackle hate crime.

We are all aware of the increased shocking racist crimes taking place around the country – shouting abuse and intimidating people is a crime.

Last week I was talking to a man who was fired from his job when his employer found out he was gay. Because you could do that in the 1990s.  There was no equality legislation 20 years ago protecting lesbians and gay men from such discrimination. 

David Cameron says all the right things when it comes to LGBT equality, and twice in the last couple of months has specifically mentioned Britain’s role in the world taking forward an equality agenda:

note – half the worlds population live in a country where it is illegal to be LGB and in 13 countries such people can face the DEATH PENALTY.

Yes, death for who and how you love! in 2016! … Oh look, one of those countries is to host the Fifa football world cup in 2022. Can you believe that! 

As we say good bye to our Prime Minister and wait to see who the Conservative Party thrust upon us I looked up the voting records of the candidates.

Liam Fox has failed to turn up and vote in favour of any LGBT equality issue. In fact he has been vocal and offensive. Most people in the UK are LGBT or have friends, close family members or work colleagues who are LGBTQ and would find his comments at best ignorant. Personally, I found them offensive.  How could this person follow David Cameron as PM of the UK in 2016?

And then there is Stephen Crabb… with his dubious Christianity connections. I’m not sure if he thinks homosexuality can or should be cured but without doubt he has been linked with events and organisations that do. And he voted against gay marriage.

I’m willing to believe better than this of Crabb. I know lots of religious people aren’t bigots. But… so far it looks like his extremist views make him unsuitable to be PM.


It wasn’t so long ago that LGB was defined as a mental illness and the Age of Consent for gay men was 21? Let reporter Michael Gove take us back to those days with his 1993 report.

It is interesting how, in the report, the success of the right-wing agenda, the EU and gay equality were linked back then. And I remember it like yesterday, being myself involved in that campaign for equality.

Every body is entitled to their opinions, and I’m all for free speech and people holding their own views BUT Anyone who has recently voted AGAINST equality for a section of the UK public like these men is totally unsuitable to head the British Government. But it’s not just how they voted in 2013, it’s what they said about how they voted and what they’ve said since.



I am Voting to stay IN EU

Overwhelmingly the evidence points to the UK being better off in the EU.

If I was a gambling woman and was going to place a bet based on my personal conversations with people, then It will be a landslide. Because in my real life I’ve been asking everyone I know, and about 3 out of 4 people if not more are VOTING IN.

It is easy for the leave campaigners to say things that sound good. but most of it doesn’t stand up to examination.

I’ve been checking the facts behind the claims. Mostly using this easy to use website:

Just saying…




It’s not often you will hear me agreeing with a conservative party politician. But I’ve all praise for the excellent speech by our Prime Minister, David Cameron, for the International Day of Awareness ~ Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

Here is just a little of what he thinks should be the government’s focus for the future:

I think laws and practises help change culture, but to change culture you need to change the way people think, you need to change the way government works, and you need to change the way institutions work.

That’s why I think it’s right that there’s such a high emphasis now on dealing with homophobic bullying and transphobic bullying and all the problems that go on at schools and colleges.

We’ve put money into that, but I think we need to keep working with all of you to make sure we really deliver on that agenda.

But if there was one thing I wanted to pull out, and say the government can do more and do better over this Parliament – alongside change law, change practise, change culture, it would be the ambitious change the world. We may feel that this is a good country to be gay or to be bi or to be transgender, but in the rest of the world, many countries are a totally miserable place to be LGBT.

Just take one fact: the Commonwealth that we’re proud to be a member of and HM The Queen is the head of.

Of the 53 countries in the Commonwealth, 40 still have legislation that in some way disadvantages people that are gay.

We are hosting the Commonwealth Conference here in London in 2018 and I think there’s a good opportunity between now and then to encourage countries to take the steps that we have taken here.


Miserable is an understatement. You can watch documentaries on You Tube showing the sort of lives LGBT people face in some of the more hostile parts of the world due to state laws and prejudice.

It’s illegal to be lesbian/gay in many parts of the world (including the country chosen to host the 2022 World Cup – how disgraceful).

Several counties in the world implement the death penalty for homosexual activity! This is so wrong and so shocking.

You can read David Cameron’s words in full  here:




Parents should be able to take children out of school without fines

Jon Platt is a hero!

He has fought the ridiculous, mindless system that has been imposed whereby parents and children are encouraged to lie and pretend a child is off school due to illness rather than honestly admit they are going on holiday.

There are many good reasons for taking your children out of state education for a day or a week.

But the current education system allows NO discretion when schools are judged by attendance figures. The pressure is on headteachers to refuse all absences.

In resent years, the criminalisation  of parents who are trying to do good things for their families was a disgrace. I hope it ends now.

The rebelious anarchist in me wants to book a family holiday in June or September!

I will not, because it doesn’t fit with our plans.





World Plumbing Day in March

is a good time to reflect on the fact that more people have access to the internet and a smart phone than clean water.

World Plumbing Day isn’t about breakfast in bed and a card for plumbers (that’s mother & father’s days)

it has a serious health message:

Are you going to Thanet’s Comedy Festival in Margate this Weekend?

Why not kick off at Bernie’s Chocolate Bar (bottom of the High Street on your left at you face the Turner). An all female line up of funny women:

one foer the ladies

And there are loads of shows on over the weekend.

Check out the website:

comedy isle

In case you can’t get to the Festival’s official website let me share some details with you:

There is more at Bernie’s FREE on Sat afternoon 3pm-6pm.

Comedy & Magic for KIDs FREE on Sunday at The Diner, 3 Duke St (limited places) show starts at 1pm

Musical Comedy at 3.30pm at The Britania FREE

And on Fri & Sat 6-8pm there are two FREE shows/competitions each evening for new acts.

I think these are taking place at:

  1. The Lighthouse Bar, Stone Pier
  2. The Underground, 3 Duke Street

before the two big shows that are on each evening.

There are about 8-10 stand-up comedians in each of the main shows.

We have an ansaphone but who knows how to use it?

There are people who ramble on an on until they get cut  off – that’s me, the crime I’m guilty of.

There are those who leave a message but forget to leave their number. Accidents happen, we all do this sort of thing.

In our office there are those who do not give their name, they just start talking to Mr TP. If he were there he might recognise there voice and know what they are talking about but I have no idea who they are or what job they are referring to.

But absolutely top of my list of people who need to be trained in how to use an ansaphone are those who do this one thing:

They clearly articulate the message and then

they race through their phone number at breakneck speed

such that I have to listen to the message four or more times.

I want to say to them, “Surely, how to contact you was the most important part of you message.”

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